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Wine Choice in The Week

Published: 15th July 2006 in The Week The Big Red Wine Company was recently featured in The Week magazine. Our wines were described as having "high quality and profound originality". Wines recommended were JP et JF Becker, Alsace Grand Cru "Froehn" Riesling (now out of stock), Domaine des Anges Cotes du Ventoux 2005 "L'Archange" Blanc , Domaine Brusset , CDR Villages 2003 "Vendange Chabrille" (now 2004) and Château Lacroix , Bordeaux Rosé 2004 (out of stock - now renamed as Pezat Rosé ).

Absolutely Cracking Wines from France

Absolutely Cracking Wines from France is the Critics' Choice wine tasting. Of the thousands of wines from France available in the UK, 65 were nominated by 23 of the UK's leading wine critics as their "Absolutely Cracking" choices within three price categories. In the Rhone section, Xavier Vignon's "Lili" (renamed "Xavier Blanc") was selected: "A spicy, aromatic and luscious blend of Roussanne, Marsanne and Viognier" (Susie Barrie)