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What's in store for 2014?

Well, when Jill challenged me to go for the whole of January without wine, my first thought was "Don't be ridiculous". My second thought was "Don't be ridiculous" but when I realised she actually meant it, I decided I may as well do it for a good cause so I am going to attempt the impossible (or, certainly, improbable) and go for thirty one consecutive days senza vino   as well as  sans vin. So, if you've already bought the presents, now's your chance to feel really good by making a donation to Cancer Relief via my brand new Just Giving page . Don't forget to GiftAid your donation so Osborne has to stump up his share too! And finally, you will able to follow my efforts here on my blog ( ) which, hitherto, has extolled the virtues of some big red wines but, for January 2014, will be dedicated to my struggle to "do the right thing". Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year! James

Christmas tastings

We have two Christmas tastings every year: one here and one in Norwich. Very different crowds but the selection of wines is more or less the same for both so it is interesting to see what goes down well at each event. The line up for this Saturday is as follows: Sparkling wines 1.       PROSECCO Grandi e Gabana                                                                                                 2.       CHAMPAGNE 1er Cru Michel Rocourt 'Blanc des Blancs'                                                          White wines 3.       SAUVIGNON BLANC Moulin de Gassac, VDP de l'Hérault 2012      4.       PINOT GRIGIO Grandi e Gabana, Latisano 2012 ' Terre d'Argilla'   5.       CAIRANNE-CÔTES DU RHÔNE VILLAGES Domaine Brusset 2012 'Les Travers'  6.       CÔTES DU RHÔNE Raymond Usseglio 2012 'Les Claux'         7.    GIVRY Domaine Joblot 2010 'En Veau'         Red wines 8.   BARBERA D'ASTI Cascina Sa