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Watching and drinking Perseides concurrently.

Being British, I am obliged to comment on the Provencal weather this summer. Mostly hot with the occasional Mistral wind and, a few weeks ago, a threatened storm which yielded some highly unusual clouds, identified by a friend’s meteorologically talented daughter (moments before one of my own clever clogs) as being of the mammatus variety, these being, in effect, upside downclouds which, said expert explained occur whenthe cold, moist pockets of air sink rather than rise. Pic included of clouds over neighbouring property (would you believe me if I said it was sunny over us? No?).What I can’t give you a picture of because (a) it hasn’t properly occurred this year yet (a brief flirtation last night but that’s all so far) and (b) my technological wizardry has yet to master how to take a still image of a (literally) flying circus, is tonight’s extravaganza of shooting stars, known asPerséides. (Some of you will, by now, have figured where this is going.) The useful people who tell us ever…