Saturday, 30 September 2006

Wine and a Chinese Duck

Domaine des Sept Chemins Crozes-Hermitage 2003 Rouge.

Having Chinese food tonight (a few starters plus the obligatory CDP - crispy duck pancakes, as opposed to Châteauneuf-du-Pape!) and for some reason I had a yearning for a red Crozes. Not the most obvious partner and when it came to it I let my head overrule this and I had a bottle of Budwar instead with the starters. With the duck I took charge and sipped at the Syrah. Not the perfect match but certainly not wrong. Those Asian spices you often find in Northern Rhône Syrah must have done their job. Duck aside, really quite a good wine which got better as the bottle was drained - it's all too rare to find good Syrah under £15-£20 let alone under a tenner.

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