Thursday, 2 June 2011

Nada Giuseppe wines now in the UK

A Danish importer who specialises in wines from Piemonte caused a whirlwind of interest in Enrico Nada's wines when he presented them at a dinner in London in March (I think). There was so much interest but no-one to bring them in so I offered to help. As soon as I did so, Enrico sent me some samples which were duly tasted.

First was the Langhe Bianco, a delightfully fresh wine, enjoyed with Ciaran Rooney from Domaine des Anges on a baking hot day in the Vaucluse shortly before Easter. We were impressed enough to move on to the 2006 Barbaresco Riserva. Quite simply, this is a stunning wine: the texture is so silky and the fruit has so much there. It is quite possibly one of the best Nebbiolo wines I have tasted. That rather clinched things for me: from that moment, Nada Giuseppe had a UK importer.

A couple of days later, other wines were tried: I liked the other (non-Riserva) Barbarescos but, for my palate, the Riserva was so superior for very little extra. I especially enjoyed the Dolcetto (unusual for me!) and found the Barbera Superiore, Langhe Nebbiolo and Barolo all very good too. No prizes for guessing which wines have found their way onto the list then.

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  1. Just received this email about the Nebbiolo...

    Hi James,

    I finished off the bottle last night, so I think it has been open a total of 6 days, and what a transformation. Last night it was, in my eyes, a pleasure to drink. It had that lovely nebbiolo sourness, but fragrant and light. I don’t think I have had a wine that took that long to come round, and then ultimately be pleasurable rather than just oxidise. It certainly means that I can leave it open for a good while whithout having to worry!