Saturday, 10 August 2013

Joblot in the FT

Andrew Jefford, so often a champion of the underdog asks if, with the wave of interest in Burgundy and the current problems the region faces because of atrocious weather, it is time for the region's eternal bridesmaid to step out of the shadows. 

His report focuses on the five villages, from north to south: Bouzeron, Rully, Mercurey, Givry and Montagny, advising readers what to expect, broadly, before listing recommended producers from each. 

Of course, for me interest is enhanced by his particular recommendation of Domaine Joblot's 2010 "Clos du Cellier aux Moines", a Premier Cru from Givry which he describes as:

"Precise, fresh scents of mingled red and black cherries with poised and vivacious fruit flavours which warm, fill and fatten on the palate."

Andrew told me he had made two short research trips to the Cote Chalonnaise in the last nine months, and that he intended to write the region up for the second of his "Jancis stand-in" columns in the FT in August.

He also said the Joblot wines "were among the best I tasted when I was in the region". He tasted the 2012s from barrel with Juliette Joblot plus Servoisine 2011, the only wine Juliette had available (even for ready money!). Even the wine shop in the village said they couldn't get hold of any Joblot. So logically the one Andrew planned to recommend was the Servoisine 2011 unless I would rather he recommended something else. Given the additional maturity of the 2010 and the fact that my allocation of Servoisine was miniscule, I sent a bottle of Cellier aux Moines to Andrew in the south of France. He liked it and decided to feature it in the article (frankly, I could have sent any of the Joblot wines).

The next thing was to sort out a photograph. My now rather old digital SLR doesn't do the job it seems. However, my son's more modern compact camera apparently does - see here for the photo (and the full article):

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