Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sublime Moscato goes all the way to the ridiculous...

Now, I am a fairly recent convert to the charms of Moscato but, whilst I am delighted to learn that others have joined me in their enthusiasm for the wine, it does seem that some have got somewhat carried away.

A round-up of recent stories from Drinks Business (a trade magazine that, for some reason, I didn't ignore for once) includes this:- http://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2013/06/top-10-songs-featuring-moscato/.

Yes, that's right, Moscato seems to have found its way into the lyrics of rappers (so, are they still drinking Krug or have their budgets been reduced to sub-£10 sweet sparklers now?). Inevitably, the lyrics are drivel and the content verging on lewd but I hope I am not alone in finding this funny.

Anyone wanting to see whether Moscato will have the same effect on them (or who just wants to enjoy a bottle) should check out the one we offer from Grasso Fratelli. Please report back!

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