Wednesday, 19 June 2013

DWWA results

The results of the 2013 Decanter World Wine Awards are out today - the usual nonsense, of course, as it all depends on entering in the first place. I have never been a fan of these catch-all competitions; actually, I'm not sure about any wine competitions. That said, it's always nice to win so congratulations to Chateau de Jurque for its Regional Trophy (I must re-stock with this vintage!)

Otherwise, in the Southern Rhone, Domaine Brusset picked up three gongs for the two red Cairannes and "Les Hauts" from 2011 as did Domaine des Anges for its 2012 Blanc, 2010 Ventoux Rouge and "L'Archange", and Domaine des Bernardins for its sweet Muscats but it looks like no-one else thought the cost of entering their wines worthwhile.

In the South-West, Chateau de Jurque collected four medals (so that's the whole range then) and Chateau du Cedre one for its 2010 (I didn't even know it had been bottled yet!), Chateau Lamartine two including one for Expression 2009 (I had the foresight to buy myself a case of this gem) but, clearly, it was Marion Latrille's wines that wowed the judges this year.

It looks like most of the Italians stayed away too but Sampietrana picked up one medal this year and Monte Rosola picked up some silver too.

Of course it would be churlish of me not to congratulate all the above as well as all winners of the DWWA and any other competition but I have never hidden my views (see here) although I would accept the charge of not expressing myself strongly enough about wine competitions!

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