Friday, 3 January 2014

Dryathlon - day 3

Not that I am counting, of course. However, I do have one question about all of this: why is it that, as soon as I start something like this, lunch and dinner invitations start flowing? It's either sod's law or (more likely) that people reckon they will get away with popping fewer corks if we are off the sauce. Lunch today with cousins from overseas, dinner this evening (with vegetarian friends so there really is nothing in it for me except some excellent company, of course) and lunch tomorrow with one of my oldest wine-drinking companions. Still, I will be over 10% of the way through it all by then.

The food and wine pairing side of things is something I am watching closely. So far, it really hasn't been an issue as pizza on NYD was such a subdued affair that wine would have just sent us off to a ludicrously early night. Yesterday's home-made Peri-Peri chicken (based on a friend's secret recipe which I am forbidden to share) was spicy enough to keep my mind off the accompanying liquid. The subject of Sunday lunch did crop up though: I spied a very delicious looking piece of beef when dropping off a case with the butcher today but how can I have that without a Burgundy, Bordeaux or Barolo?

And, on the subject of Barolo, thanks for the donation Rick but don't rub it in!

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