Thursday, 2 January 2014

Dryathlon - one day in

So far, so good but, then, New Year's Day was never going to be a great challenge.

Recap: why am I doing this? The Cancer Research angle is not the real reason - more an incentive to stick with it (about £450 raised so far and promises of more to follow) - and I am not especially concerned about my health or even my weight (although rough calculations suggest I will save up to 20,000 calories in January alone unless I counter this with richer foods).

It certainly isn't to save money: the wines we have been drinking over the last couple of weeks since we decided to go ahead with this have been among the better wines in our personal cellar (I won't bore you with a list) so we have probably consumed the same value or wine in the last two weeks as we ordinarily would up to the end of January.

So, it must just be the challenge: can I last a month without wine? The simple answer is, of course I can. The only difficulty is that we have been invited out several times for dinner already by sceptics, doubters and people who just want to try to catch me out. If anyone puts a bottle of DRC in front of me, I may just crumble but otherwise I am resolved to stick this out. After all, at 10am on 2nd January, I am nearly 5% through the challenge!

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